Friday, October 11, 2013

It is late and dark is deep, as I sit at this machine, as I've been all day, but earlier with work. I now begin to wonder if my "professional" writing, about politics, economics and society is draining that which I feel; my ability to write poetry or even poetically. Elmore James blares in the background on YouTube: and I can do no more than wonder. He mitigates the major issue of the day, Washington at a standstill and my work, trying to explain it for certain politicians who have proclivity for paying me. I suppose I've concluded that I really don't give a damn about work any longer. Yeah, I seem to take if it sounds interesting but most frequently I just say no. I am lucky as, at this point, I really don't need to work. By the way, and trust me on this: There's no real "fiscal cliff," and the US won't default; it's just rhetoric from the city of morons. Toying about a couple of dating sites still, though nothing but email colloquies have come of it. Who knows? Well, I'd planned to write more, but I suppose I'll have to settle tonight to writing more frequently.