Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Women, Online Dating and Smoking

Sure, I fully understand that smoking isn't healthy, deadly, in fact. It's illegal to smoke in an increasing number of places, even cities.

That noted, I don't give a damn if anyone smokes, anywhere, even in my home. I used to smoke cigarettes, though I don't any longer, less for health reasons than economic. There are so many taxes on them that it's like buying tire to by a pack of smokes.

However, I do smoke the occasional cigar. I'd like to smoke more of them, but again I smoke good ones and they're prices are getting out hand.

With that as a background, I was engaged in a rather extensive email colloquy with a woman on a dating site. It had escalated to a rather high degree of depth and empathy; to a point at which we were planning to talk on the phone. This whole ritual is rather annoying, by the way, especially at my age demographic. It didn't to matter that I worked for a major newspaper, had two plays produced, poetry published and doctored scripts for several movies and television shows. Just that I smoked and she had no idea what.

But, uh oh, she finally noticed on my profile that I smoked. Last night I got an email from her saying that was a "deal breaker."  What the hell is that about, really?

Why not say, "I don't like smoking and if we get together, I don't want you to smoke around me." Or, "What do you smoke?"

Hell, I was being honest, and frankly, the woman was simply being eminently parochial, even autocratic to a point. I wonder if I pointed out that I smoke crack or marijuana (probably a poor example as it's legal in this state, but not yet under Federal law), or opium, it'd alright.
I liked the woman, and given the experiences I've had with women, especially my ex-wife, that's a bit tough for me these days.

My conclusion is that I'm going to stop looking for companionship in my age range. Younger women, to me, seem much more liberal in their views. Now, if I can only find one who was conceived with the seed of a couple from the Beat Generation, I'd be in cupcakes.