Monday, June 3, 2013

My New Life

On the surface, it seems a monumental change this move to Portland, Oregon on almost all levels.

The city's problems or "issues," seem of less moment than back in Vegas and its populous appear far more engaged and informed than in that city that vied for last place in education in the nation.

Though known for its wet weather, I suppose I am fortunate. Though it's rained several days since I've been here, it mostly turns pleasant after the morning and for the past two it's been sunny and warm.

One of the most manifest changes is that I no longer see folks jamming quarters into slot machines daily, a sight one couldn't miss in Vegas where those machines reside in almost every commercial establishment. It's quite pleasant to strike up a conversation with someone in saloon where that distraction doesn't exist.

My home, as I wrote a while, is modest and as perfect as it can be for me, with a large yard for Rex.
That's it for now.