Thursday, May 23, 2013

Settling Into A New Life

I have found my way to Portland, three weeks ago and it indeed is living up to its reputation with both people and weather, the latter has been showing its face as indigenous for the past few days.

It is comfortable for me here, remarkably so on what seems to be all levels. I am now near family, my youngest son who lives three blocks away and has been a great help as was his brother who handle all the loading driving chores. I live in St. Johns, a small community outside of city.

I'm but a few boxes from being without boxes and that'll be done this weekend. It will then be fully home.

Looking back on Las Vegas, it seems so absurd that I was there for almost a decade. In retrospect, it's a dreadful city in a dreadful state. There is no soul there.

If you're wondering about my ex-wife, I've not heard from her in nearly six weeks. Few have my new phone numbers and she certainly isn't one of them. In fact, at this point I don't think she knows I've moved.

I'm still a bit fatigued, so I'm going leave it a that for.