Friday, March 15, 2013

A Post Pharmaceutical (Prescribed) Addled Inanity

It is 2:12 in the morning. It's taken me a bit time to just write first sentences, such as it is.

A cigaret dangling from my lips I think about the event of the day. Well, there were no events, really. This seems a truly odd comment or post or evacuation of inanity.

As readers know, I'm ill for some time. That has passed, but the remnants of my bout with this ailment are apparently a cough. Now that's complicated by a possible side effect from blood pressure meds. Without reiterating my odyssey in ailments.

Ah, a cough so bad it pulled all the muscles on my right side rib cage and cracked a rib as well. A couple of weeks ago the ways almost unbearable and the doc prescribed Tramadol. All of the painkillers have nasty side effects…you can look it up.

The cough that caused this has not subsided, but only subsided. I gave a home remedy cough syrup a try, but today went back to over the counter. Every time I could the muscles hurt like hell, but the OTC version of the remedy seems not to be controlling it.

Dear reader, please excuse me, as it it late at night, well, early in the morning and "painkillers" do make one a little nuts.

After days of dread pain in my side, exacerbated by coughing, the side feels better…tonight I just awoke that early hour and thought I'd write something. Rex is more sensible, the stirred a bit and went back to sleep. He is old them I by 7 years, dog years.

Smoking of course is not good for coughing, but I continuing to take a puff now and then.

The perplexing issue is that I have, for the past three or four days, felt remarkably fatigued. I do not know if this stress bouncing of my forthcoming move to Portland, continued concern about an attack by my ex-wife, or simply meds.

Whatever it is, I'll get it figured out. An acquaintance in the apartment complex asked me if living without a care while being ill made things worse. Absolutely not. I've an eye issue and the meds make me less alert. Walking two miles round trip to pick up cough remedies (when I'm not making my own….and the one I have is almost clearly better than I discuss a few ago…and cigarettes. I do really abhor cars.

It is indeed Friday and I am one day closer to moving.