Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Year

It was, indeed, an eventful year, 2012. I'd planned to write a couple of days ago, however, I've just, and I break my own rule here regarding the discussion of health, recovered, and, indeed, is the word, from a rather dreadful case of the flu, or whatever one wants to call it. Living on Pepto and Coca Cola.
The ailment didn't interfere with New Year's Eve, though. Of course, there was virtually nothing with which to interfere. There's not to be the verve in the event any longer for me, but I enjoyed watching the ball drop in Times Square, as I do annually. However, it is rather disappointing to see the rather dreadful hijinks that accompany it television: Perfectly dreadful banter and dialog.
Now I must look forward to adding another year later this week and my usual, and perhaps obsessive pondering about that.
As I suppose we all do, I wonder what this year will bring. Last was not an especially good one, nor particularly bad. Mostly I wonder, presently, how I got this far, lived this long.
I look about me and virtually everyone seems to have "grown up," while I don't beliee I have, or at least fully done so.
In any event, I wish you all the best this year, and, of course, beyond. I do hope that I will be a bit more religious about communicating on this venue this year, than I was last.