Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life Changes

It has been two weeks since I've posted anything, and I have an excuse. Though I abhor discussions of health, I've been ill and today is the first day I've felt like writing anything. It was the flu six weeks ago, which left me with a cough so violent I pulled muscles in my abdomen. Before I continue, I want to impart what I've learned from that illness. First, my closest friends have been just great, calling, running some errands, etc. And, my sons checked in almost daily, as did my sister. Second, over the counter cough syrup is a waste of money and not especially effective, especially for me. I now make my own with a base of thick sugar syrup and some spices including Cayenne pepper, ginger and lemon. That is all but gone now, so let me update you on my life these days, such as it is. Life is, unusually quiet, though I have rather a momentous change on the horizon. When I was ill, my sons thought, given my age, it might be best to have me move near one of them. To make a long story short, at the end of April, my oldest will be flying out here to help me pack up into a U-Haul and we'll drive to Portland together where I'll rent my younger sons "older" house, i.e. the one he first bought and now serves as a rental. How odd I find it to be moving at the age of 70, and having the move be a life-changing experience. I've never lived in the Pacific Northwest and look forward, with relish, to the adventure. I will be living in a small house, with a bus stop a block away and just three blocks away from a grocery store and other commercial outlets as well as a movie theatre. And, to think, I didn't think there were anymore adventures left in my life. The move, of course, will remove me from striking distance of my ex-wife, who, in all fairness, I must say, has been remarkably quiet over the past few weeks. She has a boyfriend and I suppose that is the reason. But whatever the reason, it will certainly remove some of the underlying stress in my life. Needless to say, it will be great to have family within walking distance.

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