Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dating Sites Part II: Women
"Want someone intelligent, sense of humor that doesn't want any dating hassles." "I enjoy a good conversation, and sometimes like to do things on a whim. I like straight forward honesty, not games and riddles say what you mean and mean what you say." "...you want a committed, genuine, long term relationship. I am looking for that incredible man to love and be happy with." "You should message me if you're not into games, good conversation and a great companion to spend time with and see where it goes." "I'm crazy about a man's good 'Character'." That what turns me on. A man sensitive side, a tear only we share...We can share baggage because it makes up who we are and want to live...But, knowing when to visit there rather than continue to carry baggage. Everything we should be to each other. I am a loyal person and expect the same in return, a relationship all about giving to one another, that taking is impossibility."
As I've written, I've been frequenting a dating site. I've posted a "Profile" and responses to "personality," for lack of a better characterization, questions. And, I've "expressed interest" to a few women on the site. However, I haven't shown interest in the way most seem to, e.g."I like your photo," "I'm interested in you," and other terse and trite messages.
On the other hand, I've spent the time reading women's profiles. Those who interest me, I take the time to respond to them, sometimes to the point of line by line regarding their profiles. My responses are often long, the limit allowed. They're ingenuous and written in a manner to show that, perhaps, we are compatible and could have a relationship.
More than arguably, I'm not Paul Newman or Clark Gable. Notwithstanding my "stockiness," I've been frequently characterized a "cute," or looking a bit like Richard Dreyfuss. That's clear from my posted photos, one or two less than six months old, the others a bit older with my kids, and, of course, Rex.
I assumed, apparently incorrectly, that when women reach our age and are single for whatever reason, they are seeking someone with whom to wind up in a rocking chair, so to speak. Sure, sex is no doubt a desire, but I would have though a profound, remarkably honest relationship of sharing, to be somewhat pedestrian, joys and sorrows would be the primary "driver," so to speak. At least that seems to be so with the women I've "approached" online. My responses rarely yield a reply. I could speculate, but what's the point, save to say that it does seem that candor, the physical element and so-called "financial security" appear to be the "subconscious," to be euphemistic, drivers.
Perhaps Joseph Conrad was correct when said, "Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.”
I'll keep you posted on this adventure.