Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Election, My Time Out, Dating

I have worked on this campaign, yes, for the President and the Democrats. Though I'm paid for it, I'd do it for nothing if asked. It's something I've done for more than two decades and now, I'm done. It is a relief to be done with a project.

The outcome, however, remains unclear. I'm not a believer in polls these days, or for years for that matter. They're so frequently skewed and there are so many of them. I'm not at all confident in the American voter these days. While the Democrats remain in their contant disarray, that which has defined my party for years and of late, at least somewhat less so; the Republican party is no longer the "Republican" party of old.

It's been hijacked by self-interests, the so-called "Religious Right," which in my view is not "religious" at all, but rather mostly comprised of uninformed zealots and the wealthiest of the wealthy.
While I think that none of that will matter tomorrow morning, I also think that it won't be over then, not with both parties lining up lawyers to contest virtually everything.
For me, many issues in this "campaign" are important, but the most important are the two or three Supreme Court seats likely to be filled in the next four years. If Romney wins, the change will define the word "watershed," and not for the better, especially for women. It is too disturbing to write about.
Perhaps I will return to a dating site and look for a "soulmate," whatever that means. I did meet someone recently. Fearless, she came to my apartment and we chatted for a few hours. While our extensive email colloquy was quite wonderful, sometimes personal meetings just don't work out…this one didn't.
I hope you voted. And, my hiatus is now over and I'll be back to posting regularly.