Sunday, October 21, 2012

A quiet day

It is, as is generally the case, a quiet Sunday. A balmy day, almost definitively so, with a light breeze drifting about. Rex and I went for a long walk, perhaps three miles or so, though we stopped a park near us so he could play with his friends.

Now, he's stretched out, relaxing and I'm doing what I'm doing, typing. There was an intrusion on this otherwise lovely day: The shooting in Minnesota. It brought to mind the lack of responsibility of our government with regard to gun control and and the almost absolute abdication of commitment by both candidates in the last debate on the issue. I'm hoping Bob Schieffer brings it up tomorrow night and presses the hell out it. He's good at that.

I have voted, by the way and hope that if you haven't, you don't follow the lead of our leaders and abdicate your responsibility. I encourage to vote for the incumbent and I assure you that if you do otherwise and the opponent wins, your life will return to that of the "Bush years" and our nation will quickly, or as quickly as a monolth can move, still the waves, that will become tidal, of a recession.