Saturday, September 15, 2012

Online Dating Part III

As I continue my chronicle of my online dating experience, increasingly I am beginning to understand that I haven't "grown up," or "grown up" the way most women to whom I'm attracted have. On the other hand, perhaps my "frame of reference" just isn't in sync.
There, of course, is the "car issue," my "Grand Experiment," which ended this will for my own convenience rather than social issue: I bought a car.
The upside of the "Grand Experiment" is that I never stop being astounded by the opposite sex and not necessarily in a positive way. In fairness, a couple of women responded and I met them. However, as I'm more than a bit chary of "dating" these days, neither would have worked out for me, as I think I've pointed out in earlier posts.

It's interesting how some view themselves: "individualistic," "casual," "laid back," low maintenance," "sophisticated," "romantic" and "seeking a long-term relationship." When I read those charactistics I can think nothing but "Where have you been all of my life?" Then, far more often than not I go on to read that they're not so "sophisticated" as to have moved into even the 20th century with regard to driving or picking up a date; "casual" doesn't mean grabbing a burger and talking for hours, "romantic" often means "five-star dining" or "five-star hotels," and "laid back" means "casual Friday," in almost the strictest sense possible.

All of that said, I had contacted a woman who responded that we should get together this weekend, either yesterday or today. We corresponded via email and she said she'd pick place for coffee or a drink. Never heard from her again. Whether or not it would have "worked out into a relationship" isn't really the point. However, she was remarkably interesting and sounded quite intelligent with a wide range of interests; attractive as well.

But all worked out for me, as I had a rather social weekend in any event.