Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Good Day

I suspect that most would view my day as at least modestly, if not wholly pedestrian. It was a simple day during which I had planned to do nothing, simply nothing that even resembled work of any sort: No housecleaning, no laundry, no cooking…nothing.

It's rare when a bolt of compulsion doesn't hit me to move something about during the day. But today, well, it was different. It wasn't a typical Sunday when I watch "Meet the Press" and "Face the Nation," the only two news shows I ever watch. To hear Mitt Romney prattle on would be akin to taking an Ambien; and Bob Schieffer wasn't going to be on "Face the Nation," so no great commentary would occur on that show.

Rex and I took a long walk, well mostly he took the long walk or "run," as we went early to the dog park where he and about a half dozen of his friends chased balls. He does pretty well for a fellow who just turned 11 and a grand time they had before the heat came up on us and I took him home.

Rex is a special fellow who, as he's grown a bit older, has developed his own routines. Three times a day, at about 9, noon and 4 he must visit his friends in the apartment complex clubhouse. His friends are the two or three women who manage the complex; then, of course, as he leaves he seeks new ones, or ones he already knows. My firm belief is that he's running for office.

I decided to watch a couple of movies and read virtually all day. I've got about 400 DVDs (my firm represents a major entertainment company). "Harold and Maude" suited him as he stayed awake for about a quarter of it, but did sleep through "Must Love Dogs," which increasingly is becoming one of my favorites.

I have what some call a somewhat disconcerting ability to watch a movie while reading and today it was a collection of Alice Munro short stories. For me, she's the best living short story writer around, replacing John Cheever who remains great, but died some years ago.

There was a bit of guilt in me while reading the book (and oddly, I have the hard cover, as opposed to having it on my Kindle), as I'm about three weeks behind on The New Yorker, which I consider to be the best publication in the world. I do read the news section when it comes, however.

There were few interruptions during the day in the way of phone calls, which is unusual. I heard from my oldest son and oldest granddaughter (3 years). He suggested that we "Skype" regularly. I wondered why we hadn't thought of that before, as I use the process for clients. I wonder also if it isn't nice to leave something to the imagination, what Abigail is doing while on the phone: bouncing a ball, tormenting the cat. She was quite happy to see Rex though.

So, all in all, not a bad day, in fact, if I take my constant, though low level continuing concern about the way of the world out of it all, it was a good day.