Thursday, August 23, 2012


Today was mediocre at best. It began with a call from my editor reminding of deadlines. I thought it odd as my contract has but one deadline: Finished First Draft. That one's months away. I pointed that out and politely hung up.
My new physician told me my blood pressure is high, but we chalked it up to personal issues and I'll see him again in a month.
My youngest son called just to chat. While I didn't "blow him off," I did, uncharacteristically, tell him we'd talk tomorrow.
Tomorrow I have to see a client in the AM. I don't usually do that, but he pays on time and he's in trouble and needs some personal "hand-holding."
It all added to my current phase on introspection, self-examination. No more, no less. However, I did conclude that we're all entitled to an irritable day.

Sign of the Times: 8th Street & 6th Avenue