Monday, June 11, 2012

Online Dating

As I may have written earlier, I decided to get back out in the world, so to speak; to be a little more social. It’s taken me a while to get my “Profile” right.

Arguably, if not categorically, I’m almost perfectly dreadful, if not perfectly so in selecting, choosing, insert whatever word you like, women.

Most, if not all on the sites I attend post rather trite profiles or answers. Apparently they’re “designed” to attract the opposite sex. I’m sure many of them do, but everyone’s different and I’d like to get just a reasonable idea of what someone’s like.

As such, I figured that I would go beyond candor, even to the point of cynicism. I wrote the following (well rewrote several times). Those who respond to it in at least a modest way, well, they might just be the person.

These answers make sense to you if you're a leftover from the "Beat" generation or if our music tastes coincide or if you're able to take a bit of cynicism and sarcasm (not directed at you) if you're Katherine Hepburn incarnate...if you find these answers interesting...if you find them compelling, it may be a bit worrisome to me. You probably shouldn’t email me if you haven’t completed the “More About Me” or “In My Own Words” areas of the “Profile” section. That just makes no sense to me: There are so many, in my view, “incomplete” profiles that there’s at best a minimal opportunity to learn about you and if there are areas of compatibility or commonality of interests. Is there anyone here who doesn’t isn’t “easy going, honest and positive,” or who doesn’t “like to workout” (that would be refreshing).

I don’t want to seem insensitive, but, please “5 Star Hotels” and inordinately “Upscale” restaurants? It’s not the room, it’s the music, speaking metaphorically. Restaurants? What’s wrong with the Cuban Grill? I’ve stayed at far too many of the former and find the people rather tedious and uninteresting. As to the latter, I’ve dined at many and don’t like “small, pretty” food. Isn’t anyone up for adventure: Pick a direction for a couple of days, stay at a “It Happened One Night” motel, get the “Blue Plate Special” at a local diner and listen to a pickup band at a local saloon?

Frankly, the impression I’m getting from many profiles is that there are many here who communicate with almost absolute bluntness that they simply want to be taken care of and in a remarkably fashionable and expensive matter, frequently proving a famous Saul Bellow quote from “Herzog.”

And what is it with the “Ask Me For My Photo?” It’s ironic that some want “truth, loyalty,etc.” yet aren’t prepared to “step out” and show themselves fully.

Virtually everyone says something to the effect that “communication is the key.” Yet so many seem to hold back or simply don’t take the time to think about it. Personally, I’m quite careful these days about women: I’m not at all good at picking them (Just ask and I’ll tell you) and I’m just not willing to engage without reasonable information.

Now, that’s candor.

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