Thursday, May 24, 2012


I touched
A nerve within me,
Dredged it forth,
Hoised it
To a fat clabber of clouds,
My cipher of light
Upon the world’s shoulder,

& women mulled me,
Open & closed,
Moist as a well,
My planet flared into water,
Flood-tide orbits,

But the rat’s tooth bit me,
Money made a fist about me,
Envy made a fist within me.
I sorrowed in my spine
For all the old truths.

I have relinquished
Everything in my life
Save memory
& the stiff conjure
Of a few dreams:

My finest self
In a coxscomb sun
Spawning a make-shift hydrogen.

My wish now?
To be startled into sleep,
Desiring nothing,
Not death – certainly.
Desring only my being
As intractable as waves
Riding the surface,
Surging to the world’s end.