Wednesday, May 16, 2012



Medusa’s head was not so grand,
The ivy did not stare, sand
Went about its business, the land
Refused to foam under the wand
Of her permanent wave. Medusa’s hand
Clawed the air, & her teeth spanned
Europe, yet she did not understand
Why her love was stone. She had planned

To lie in bed, her snakes fanned
About her ears, awaiting her tanned
Ordinary lovers with their fiery brand
Of kisses, but her mortal eye unmanned
them all. Night after night, she scanned
The dark for lovers & trying to command
Their affection, she’d undo the strand
Of silk about her waist, the narrow band

That held her heart, but when her demand
For love remained unanswered & the land
Brimmed quiet, she drew her wicked hand
Over herself. The curse that banned
All human touch was more than she could stand,
But the ivy did not stare, & the sand
went about its business.