Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chairs, Simply Chairs

Today is going to be a great day (my expectations for even "good" days are relatively low and I only classify as "bad," "good" and "great").

My new deskchair is scheduled for delivery today. It was only $60, delivered from a chain office store:

A new chair may not seem to be a notion for celebration or glee, but since I moved into the apartment two months ago, I've been using a folding chair:

I am so looking forward to delivery, as is my back. Now, my new chair isn't all that great, at that price, but it's apparently serveable and relatively comfortable, according to the reviews on the site, though there were couple that noted that the seat is a bit hard. A pillow solves that...and the price, all important these days, was certainly okay (it included tax).

Interestly, I checked Craig's List first and made two inquiries to which I received no responses. I've put things up for sale there a number of time and always responded. I found it a bit odd that my queries weren't answered, but perhaps those items were sold and the seller never took down the ad.