Thursday, April 5, 2012


My wife, as usual, is the subject for now. Karma, I think, hers. Over the past few years it became increasing apparent that she thought there was a payoff at the end of the day, in terms of inheritance. Frankly, I thought so as well, but my uncle, as I’ve mentioned in much earlier posts, died and left everything to his lover. That was a year ago and for some reason, I had the will out. I know that when he died, I requested and found I was left a buck, an insult at best. I told her all was left to someone…but she has “wet brain” and doesn’t recall it.

Mostly she doesn’t recall that which involves not getting money. Now I have to deal with a rehash of a rancid old broad who’s worried about what’s going to happen to her when I die. I might have cared years ago, but callous as it is, and as is so oft quoted, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

As regular readers know, I can put up with most anything. These vicissitudes of life are just that. Live with them or put them away, but for G**’s sake, get on with your life, wretched though it is.

Mine’s just fine. I work everyday and have endure clients for whom I do what they often call “impossible” or “miraculous,” and who are all late payers. And, I not only look for business for my business, but her blossoming one as well.

Whether she’s a “dry” or “wet” drunk is not the issue. It’s more that she’s turned into an ungrateful bitch…which is what narcissists do.