Monday, March 19, 2012

Are You Thinking?

My life seems back to normal, whatever that may mean, as the apartment is now in shape and only some boxes remain in my office/den. There are, of course, things that need to be done, but I'm putting it all aside for now and returning to ranting, I suppose.


I remain extraordinarily appalled at life daily, today especially as four were killed at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. There is a spate, if not approaching an epidemic of anti-Semitism around the world and it concerns me, both as Jew and a human being.


Unfortunately, it does not seem to concern Mr. Romney, Mr. Santorum, Mr. Gingrich, or for that matter, the President. I've not read a word about this incident or the increasing problem of racisim and bigotry in this nation…and the world. Nor do I see action being taken. There are a number of states, if you are aware, that are making efforts to essentially roll back voter's rights, i.e.making it more difficult for certain groups to vote.


And, of course, there's the Illinois primary tomorrow. Mitt Romney (and other GOP candidates) can't say much about the economy, as it's clearly improving, virtually across the board. So now what's the guy doing? He's casting President Obama as a free-market antagonist bent on building a massive bureaucracy that has slowed the recovery and stunted the economy.


If you're out there and believing most, if not all, of the prevarication and hyperbole about this administration being spit out by these Republicans, then you're simply ill-read and uninformed.


Just take the economy as an example. Bush got us into the worst situation since the Great Depression. That's not arguable, it's just plain factual. If you believe that the economy can be turned on a dime, then you're clueless. Economies are monolithic and take great power, control and time to move. Ours is doing that. I wish it would move faster, but I know that's not possible.


If you're a woman reading this, you've got to be appalled that the apparent war on women by these GOP candidates…


Just ask yourself a simple question: Whose body is it?


I'm not crazy about this Administration. However, I absolutely dread the possibility of Mitt Romney as President, or any other GOP candidate for that matter.


And, by the way, let's find a way to overturn this Citizen's United ruling by our now quite UnSupreme Court. Congress can do that, and if you don't think that'd be a fine accomplishment, well, you aren't thinking.