Friday, March 9, 2012

Apartments, yes? Houses, no?

I've owned a few houses in my day. I've owned two in Washington, a couple in LA and one here in Las Vegas. I'm a New Yorker. I was born and raised in an apartment and later lived in a few of them; there, and other places.


Okay, there are a lot of folks who love houses; love to own them, love to rent them. I've done both. Owning is generally a myth. How many of you "homeowners" out there actually have the Deed of Trust, i.e. own your house free and clear? I'll be it's damned few; and that those that do are probably underwater anyway.


Moreover, own a home, ya' gotta fix it yourself. Own a home? You accumulate stuff? Live in an apartment? You get rid of stuff. You live economically, in terms of what you own and buy, and that includes groceries.


Okay, I'll agree that for a period of time people looked at their homes as "investments." But please, investments go up and down: You've got to know when to hold and sell any of them, whether it's stocks, bonds, stamps, coins or homes. The latter is the toughest and just because we had that "great" boom a few years ago, doesn't mean it's coming back anytime soon. In fact, it isn't. No chance. Too much inventory.


I'm particularly happy today because I've finally got my "office" set up. The floor's cleared, the computer's working. I've got a desk and a printer stand. And get this: In the garage there are still a half dozen boxes marked "office." Most of 'em will go to storage or I'll sell the contents.


I'm a clam to day, or at least happy as one…assuming clams can get happy.