Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who Is Maggie?

Well, I've written about her extensively. And I've looked for her to see if she's even alive. If you know her, let me know here.


Ah, my gripes of the day. First, in my business, when a client requests something, we move very quickly to get it done. It's usually a media or crisis issue, both of which require great dispatch, and expertise if I may say so myself. Yet when most are billed, the response is, "We'll get it out soon," or "We'll get it out next week." Most companies cut checks on a weekly basis and we know when our clients do; we send bills accordingly. Those responses are just rude, especially in light of, and I say this quite modestly, few firms accomplish what we do for clients.

Then there's the weather. It's bloody cold and exceptionally windy here today and my allergies are going nuts; sneezing.

More on clients, or rather prospects. I had one that strung us out for six months and finally, last week, took us to lunch, told us what he wanted, requested a proposal which took several hours and then responded "We're not ready now and that's not what we wanted." We were absolutely on target.

My business is quite successful and I've had since about 1991. In recent years I've concluded that this "new economy," such as it is, has given birth to a new kind of executive: One who exercises power by leading vendors on over time. You might argue that a company is in a selection process, but this is different: These folks select no firm.

Overall conclusion: "Miss Manners" in the Washington Post is definitely correct in her view that there is a deterioration of courtesy, to say nothing of honesty in this nation, if not the world.

Pundits: Enough already. Damned Super Tuesday was rampant on television last night, again with the smallest comment parsed like the head of a pin.

So much for now.