Friday, March 2, 2012

Life Today

I am remarkably tired. Perhaps it is stress that I've never noticed. I thought that I can live as I do without "disturbance" that has a physical impact on me, or psychological for that matter, perhaps "emotional" is a better term. All of that is a bit histrionic.


It just seems that the world continues to spiral out of control, to use a trite phrase. I continue to try to consider a single good thing transpiring either personally or in a world view.


The screaming of my wife yesterday. It wasn't what she said, I know how she feels about me (remarkably negative) and herself (remarkably "entitled." It was the screaming which came across as borderline hatred. Today our cat, well, "her" cat as it came with her when we first met, who is old is on his way to vet and I'm hoping for the best.


Then there's the clutter about me in my home office. I need to reduce, then eliminate it and finally buy a "real" desk or table, as opposed to this shaky thing I got for $20 from a Craig's List ad. To give you an idea of the intrusiveness of my wife, I want to get a simple table desk, enough to hold my phone, a lamp and my computer; no drawers, just a clean table, again to reduce clutter. She, however, feels I must have some L-shaped piece, which will do nothing for me but take up valuable space and become a receptacle for clutter (I know myself on these things).


Hyperbolically, I frequently as G** for a single day of "peace" in my life, for a single day without a complaint from her. There's never a response, but I understand that. Steve Allen once say, "G** has better things to do than to bless me."


Well, I suppose I'll put away some more books and reduce clutter.