Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I know you’re getting bored with my moving stories,

…but we're almost there. I've just got to unpack boxes for my office, put away some books and get off the dining room table.

Yesterday I bought a really cheesy desk for a double sawbuck. I call it a "disposable desk," and I'll toss it out as soon as I buy something more appropriate and utilitarian. Of course, I've yet to buy a chair, so I'll have to use one from the dining room, but at least I'll be able to use the desktop…I am one of those who prefers it to a laptop, though it's served me quite well.

My sister has called me no fewer than a half dozen times since she purchased her iPad. Sure, I'd like one, however, I long ago learned the difference between "wants" and "needs." I feel a bit sorry for my sister. She so wants to appear "hip," and fails so miserably at it, as well as showing any wit or understanding of what's interesting to others.

In any event, I've got work to do today and a possible new client. So, off, as they say, to the "salt mines."