Friday, February 10, 2012

Moving More

I've had a lot to say lately, but not the time to say it. We've been moving, or rather one of my wife's drivers and three guys have been moving us to a 1500 square foot, 3 bedroom apartment from a house twice that size. I'm so glad to get out of the house, but I've said that before…so enough.
Only a little breakage, though it disturbed my wife. She's taking this move pretty well so far. The cats and dog have adjusted well, especially the dog as I now take him for regular walks, rather than just chasing a ball in the backyard.
I must say, however, and notwithstanding my issue with discussing health, my back's in dreadful shape, made worse last night by my bed - a Select Comfort which didn't inflate on my side. Effectively, I slept on box springs. I found I hadn't fully connected the air intake. I'm still going to have to deflate and inflate…oh this is just silly.
CPAC's going on now…that's real silliness. More later.