Monday, February 6, 2012


Well, we're in the moving process. It shouldn't go too badly, though my wife's stressed and I suppose I am.

Much will have to go into storage as we're moving from a house to an apartment, to about 1500 square feet from about 3000. While we have some folks moving the heavy stuff, and we've gotten rid of quite a bit of that, or it's sold and ready to go (Craig's List is just great: sold a washer, dryer and a number of other things within a couple of days of posting); there's still books and smaller items.

It's a nice apartment, with all the amenities and I'm so happy we can get rid of a lot of "stuff," and we all know what George Carlin used to say about "stuff."

I'll have more on this later…but suffice it to say, it'll all be over by week's end and I'm looking forward to that.