Saturday, January 14, 2012


It is, indeed, Saturday…and I will spend my day cleaning house – I'm good at it and it takes my mind off life itself.

It has not been an especially good week, as we are going to have to find another place to live. We were able to get rid of our house and get out whole a few years ago, just as I saw the market beginning to crash. We had overpaid for the house and were lucky to get out just slightly, and by that I mean maybe a grand, more than we paid for it.

I've owned four houses in my life; the first in Washington, DC and that was quite nice, a three story Georgian that I bought in the 70s. Then one in Mission Viejo, that was the "youngest" house I'd owned or lived in to that date, but part of a "development." Often I'd find myself pulling in the wrong driveway; everything looked so much alike.

Later, there was Mandeville Canyon in Brentwood, my favorite:

I had to sell it after my second divorce. Then there was the "development" house I got rid of three years ago.

I am, indeed, a renter. Perhaps that's from being born in New York City. As an investment, well, there are better things in which to invest, in my view anyway. But to own, I don't want to have to do the work. I'd rather rent a house and have the landlord handle it.

But there is a downside: The lease is up, as it is next month on this house and we're going to have to move. The good news there is that because of the market, rents are way down. The bad news is that we have to move…and we've got a lot of, as George Carlin called it, "stuff."

Moreover, it's kind of expensive to move. We can rent a truck and use our gardeners to move us, but it's still going to be several hundrend bucks. And then there's the packing and unpacking.

What happened in our current place, which is just fine, is that it was sold and the new owner isn't going to rent it again. So, we've got about a month or six weeks, but it shouldn't be too bad.

On the other hand, it does drive my wife nuts and I'm hoping not to drink. But she'll have fun decorating the new place.

I do hope we can find a place with a three year lease owned by an "investor" who wants even a longer lease. And now to housecleaning.