Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown, Connecticut

Not even when my parents died did I feel this sad. I abhor guns, as those who read this venue probably know, but I am realistic and there is little we can do to wholly stop such tragedies, but it seems we can certainly work more diligently at it. I fear that this, like others about which we've read this year and the past will fade without any action, real action. I am also grateful that when my children were growing this sort of thing never entered my mind. My heart and thoughts go out to the the families and friends of these families and children, and all of Newtown.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Social Media and Other Stuff

I am, indeed, becoming increasingly cynical and intolerant of foolishness. I've always been somewhat so, but while it's not out of control, it is increasingly there. Forgetting about Washington and our leadership, which is simply intolerable and our own fault, I'm talking about "social media" sites, Facebook in particular.

Yes, I'm on Facebook, but rarely post anything except comments or news links. Over the past few days, I've followed an acquaintance, or in Facebook parlance, a "friend," would was married a couple of months and now is no longer so.

Now, imagine this: This fellow is a reporter and he is now "pouring his heart out" on a public venue about how he feels: "I really miss my wife;" "I loved her so much;" "The sky is blue today," etc. Okay, fellow, that's how you feel, but don't you have any "real" friends with whom you can sit down and talk to privately? Or are you "trolling" for a following who will commiserated with you? Really, don't you know that this will be on the Internet forever and one day this over-romanticizing will come back and bite you in the butt, one way or another?

I've written about "My Drunk (ex-) Wife" quite a few times on this venue. However, it's not to evoke sympathy, but rather to discuss what it's like to live with a drunk and, perhaps, a chronology that will sometime soon serve as a basis for a book.

Apropos of that woman, I've not heard from her in a while which means simply that she has a boyfriend and some dollars in her pocket. I'm quite happy for her, but mostly for me as I don't hear from her.

That's it for now.