Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year’s Eve

It is just three days until New Year's Eve and many will go a bit nuts welcoming in 2012. I'll be grateful to be above ground, and just a few days before my 69th birthday.

Welcoming the New Year isn't what it once was for me. Sure, I'll have a drink or two; watch the ball drop (early) in Times Square (for the past two years a disappointment – it ain't what it used to be – far to fancy and commercial), then perhaps watch a Thin Man movie.

Cynic and pessimist that I am, I see nothing especially positive coming next year, save that I'll probably be around.

It is a quiet week for me this week, with little to do for clients. I'm going to resign one as a New Year's gift to the client.

My firm provides strategies to clients that will make them more visibile to their prospects; even make them at least modestly famous. Of course, we're know for getting clients out of trouble; managing them through crises.

But there's one, a law firm, run by a woman who at this point I can only describe as a "Publicity Whore." Well, I don't want to get into to the kind of strategies and tactics we use and exactly what we do; she's now gone from a "respectible" and reasonably successful middle-class law firm to the kind of firm that might post billboards for $99 bankruptcies and the like. By the way, stay far away from those firms – if you are in a personal bankruptcy situation, pay up for the service.

Now the woman, who has about 15 lawyers working at her firm is paying for a call in radio show. Please, that's just what you want: Two bit callers, looking for free advice from an attorney over the phone, then maybe coming into your office only to find they can't afford your fees. In this firm's case, they're reasonable.

Her bill for a couple of months was the smallest bill my firm has sent out in years, less than $500 and she held it up. Please. Once the check, which I'm told is being mailed "later this week" is in our hands, she's gone.

But you don't really care about that. I just felt like writing it out.

Do you care about the Iowa Primary/Caucus, whatever? Frankly, I'm tired of the GOP. I'm tired of the "debates." How much do we really need to know about these "candidates?" And does anyone really care.

Frankly, I think at this point folks only care about what's in their pockets, whether or not they'll keep their jobs; if they can feed their families…just put gas in their cars.

Washington, our government doesn't seem to have those concerns, not at all. And that makes me yearn for the old days, when politics was politics; but governing was governing and done for you and me.

Happy New Year to all, just in case I don't post again before then.