Monday, December 26, 2011

The Fleeting Season

Christmas is over and while I enjoyed it, it's a one day "event" that, as I've mentioned before, in somewhat banal terms, there seems little meaning of it in old fashioned terms; the embracement of it it as Dick Cavett describes in Deck the Halls With Boughs of Nutty.

We exchanged gifts, nothing remarkably extravagant and made "Merry," (were I Groucho Marx, I'd probably comment something to the effect that "And Merry enjoyed it every bit as much as I did").

We ate out, as we usually do, at a lovely first rate restaurant on Christmas Eve, then had Chinese food on Christmas Day.

The conversation was somewhat tedious as my sister was here and no matter what one says, it becomes about her or someone she knows. I endured it, however, "tuning out" to most of her comments and gestures she'd make reflecting that of a three year old.

Speaking of three year olds, I spoke, of course, with my Granddaughter, which was delightful. She received legos, among other things for the holiday. I thought it appropriate to consider the inherent karma. On this holiday 35 years ago I bought the same gift for my sons, who'd leave bits and pieces of the set about the house so I walk on them. I don't know if they've rounded the edges on the toy these days, but back then, I receive many surprise indentations on my feet.

My wife and I started to watch "It's A Wonderful Life," which we have on disk, but didn't have the chance to finish it. I hope we will this evening. I have much entertainment to occupy me in this very slow week: I recorded 7 "Thin Man" movies on TCM. We started watching the original, aptly titled, "The Thin Man." It occurred to me, whenever I see William Powell in one these movies, that were I to be anyone else, it would be him. How elegant, suave and urbane he is in these portrayals.

I hope all enjoyed the season and wish you all a safe and happy year to come.