Monday, December 19, 2011

Android Phones

I'm fairly sure why the Android system is the most widely used mobile phone operating system: It's probably cheap and Google (which is my primary search function) wants the business.

But it is absolutely the worst cell phone operating system ever. To have to go to Google Contacts, which the company has now for some unknown reason made a different venue than gMail or the Calendar, to enter contacts online is absurd.

But forgetting that, Google now regularly requires some sort of numerical code to get into the damned thing.

I don't have an Android, but my wife does because of a relative at Sprint so she's "friends and family," with a remarkably low monthly rate, the employee rate. And she got the phone because of her fingernails, it has a slideout keyboard, and she didn't want to become accustomed to texting with the pads of her fingers.

All of this to say that I have spent more bloody time with Sprint tech support and online with the so-called Google sync functions (Contacts and Calendar) than I have with any tech support in the past five years and probably in the aggregate.

Yesterday, all of her contacts were gone, as well as her calendar. Well, a few days before that, I looked around and found a program, CompanionLink, that makes the Android do what it should for most people who are in business, or rational people who don't use online mail like Yahoo or gMail, both of which are garbarge. It syncs with Outlook, which, of course, is what the iPhone does automatically through iTunes.

Now, CompanionLink (and I have no association with the company except I bought the $50 app), while it does what it's supposed to, also requires the Android to have another app, DejaOffice, which is free. I must say, that CompanionLink, which I installed the other day and for the first time sync on her Android, was just great, though it seems to work through the DejaOffice app.

All of this to say that none of this should be necessary. You buy a bloody smart phone and expect it to be "smart." The Android isn't.

But after all of this, there is some positive: My wife has decided to get an iPhone in April, when eligible for the upgrade.