Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Car Redux

Taking my wife to work a little while ago, my car "overheated" and started to chug along, but it couldn't have overheated as it cooled down immediately. In any event, I limped back home to drop my wife off and limped over to Meineke where the car now sits.

It occurred to me that I could rent a car for my wife for a few days and she could go to work, which would outstrip the cost of the rental. Besides that, I use Enterprise. No, I'm not affiliated with Meineke or Enterprise at all. I just pass these along as good customer experiences.

Our local Enterprise store is great. We've used them often for my wife's business and we always get not only an upgrade, but also a discount.

I think this is because I always treat the employees as human beings…and besides, they got my Christmas cookies this year.

What a pain in the neck cars are.

My Car

I am so tired of car problems. Yesterday, on my way to pick up my wife, some light on the dashboard came on reflecting an oil issue and the car all but stopped. 

Fortunately, I was across the street from one of those quick oil change places and we limped into it. I asked a fellow in the lube cave to take a look and he said my oil was "overfilled." Clearly my fault. By way of background, the car has an oil leak and I add oil periodically, though my Meineke shop around the corner would almost always "top it off" for nothing.

Well, for some reason, the car ran fine after that, despite white smoke (does my Tbird think there's a new Pope on the way) from the exhaust often on startup and sometimes on acceleration.

I ran into the Meineke shop at 7 this morning and they changed the oil. I'm sure there's one of these in your neighborhood, there are nearly a thousand throughout the nation. If there is, and your lucky enough to have great guys in it, as I do, I find them quite good. Actually, more than that – very professional, friendly and courteous.

Anyway, they a quick oil change for me, less than 15 minutes and I'll take it back after I drop my wife off to let them check further into the issue.

My car has a will to live, and right now, a new one is out of the question, as is a new engine, or rebuilt one.

I've railed frequently about abhoring cars and this is the reason. However, this shop somewhat eases the issue.

George Whitman, Paris Bookseller and Cultural Beacon, Is Dead at 98

Shakespeare & Company 1998 - My Photo

From The New York Times: PARIS — George Whitman, the American-born owner of Shakespeare & Company, a fabled English-language bookstore on the Left Bank in Paris and a magnet for writers, poets and tourists for close to 60 years, died on Wednesday in his apartment above the store. He was 98.
He had not recovered from a stroke he suffered two months ago, his daughter, Sylvia, said in announcing his death.

More than a distributor of books, Mr. Whitman saw himself as patron of a literary haven, above all in the lean years after World War II, and the heir to Sylvia Beach, the founder of the original Shakespeare & Company, the celebrated haunt of Hemingway and James Joyce.

As Mr. Whitman put it, “I wanted a bookstore because the book business is the business of life.”
Overlooking the Seine and facing the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the store, looking somewhat beat-up behind a Dickensian facade and spread over three floors, has been an offbeat mix of open house and literary commune. For decades Mr. Whitman provided food and makeshift beds to young aspiring novelists or writing nomads, often letting them spend a night, a week, or even months living among the crowded shelves and alcoves.