Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Five Pounds of Flour

"I've got five pounds of flour, some shortening, salt…all I need to make biscuits," my friend told me.

"Isn't spaghetti easier, quicker," I responded to him. "Yeah," he said, "but not as cheap. I can make biscuits forever with what I've got, jam's cheap and I don't use much butter, if I use that at all. Margerine's cheaper."

"What about meat, protein?" I asked. "Oh, I can buy a pound of black beans for less than a buck, sometimes I buy ground beef, if it's on sale; but beans are healthy, full of protein."

And so it went for this fellow, who was, at one time, a fine architect who built churches, among other things. Now he goes after grants for public sculpture, pieces cities put in parks. He plays the banjo and piano and picks up a few bucks.

He owns his house in the midwest; a very small town. It was a "fixer upper," he told me; though I saw it as a "tear down."

We're not talking about someone without talent here. He's a professional and life for him, like so many others is very tough.

Some are getting through. Well, I suppose you have to make it through the day to get to tomorrow. If you don't, there's just nothing.

Lest We Forget