Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It is Thanksgiving and for me, as I am sure others, brings back memories. The most recent are the easiest; those are the ones for which I did most of the cooking.

I cook turkeys on a Weber Kettle Grill, with "indirect heat." The grill, of course, limits the size to under 20 pounds. But they were always great; the last hour or so I'd throw wet hickory chips on the coals for a smokey flavor.

There are few memories of growing up and Thanksgiving…that was long ago. However, I remember some of the best were when I was a single parent and sole custodian of my boys. I did the whole thing then and we ate together, just the three of us, though sometimes we'd have a guest or two. At that time, I wasn't baking pies, which I do now and quite – none of those pre-made crusts, by the way…and I make a helluva pumpkin pie.

This year will be very different, as we're going out to dinner. My wife decided that's what she wanted. I suppose it's fine, but I wouldn't have minded cooking a bit. Why bother if there's a dissent.

I'm not at all certain we need to have a holiday on which to be thankful. I am so, daily. Mostly for my boys and my parents, grandparents and the few close friends I have.

I must say, there's not a day that passes, however, on which I'm not thankful, grateful for having extraordinarily wonderful parents and sons.

All the best to all on this day…but be thankful daily, if I may suggest.