Sunday, November 20, 2011

Days Seem To Just Pass

It seems as if I had a lot to say over the past few days, yet I didn't. Nothing, as usual, of great moment.

In about six weeks I'll be a year away from 70; 69 years old and I now begin to wonder, and I do mean wonder, if I'll hit 7 decades. Frankly, I never thought I'd get this far.

Don't misunderstand this statement, as it's neither a suicidal thought, nor a "cry for help." That noted, I question increasingly about the worth of life these days. I know surely that many, if not most have "fun," or "a good time," or find things, hobbies, in the vernacular, "whatever," that brings them joy, or happiness.

I believe my boys do that, though we communicate infrequently: We're believers that an occasional "Hello," "You okay," etc. is just fine via email or texts, unless there's something important to discuss, or just too much time, perhaps a couple or three weeks pass without verbal communication. I love them, and they me, so I don't worry about that.

But the world, the nation; as I think about them, seem awful, bringing little to my life and the life of others who truly consider our state these days.

I try distractions: My guitar, my banjo, but age has gotten to me a bit with these as a touch of arthritis is apparent in my hands. Hours of playing are no longer available to me. Once magic was a hobby. In fact, for a long time I was quite good a close-up magic and still have to kits of effects, as well as a collection of antique larger effects at the home of my youngest son.

Aside from work, I'm left with reading and television, the latter mostly mindless but keeps my attention. As for reading, I treat myself with fiction, mostly mysteries or thrillers. But, as I grow old, more and more, I've turned to classics that I get for my Kindle from Gutenberg. And, I have many of them in my library anyway. How odd for me that all these years of reading books have now turned to an electronic device. Don't get me wrong, I bought the original Kindle, the larger one (my analogy when people ask is whether or not you mind reading paperbacks – I'm not particulary fond of those), the week it came out.

I didn't figure that I'd actually like it and I think it was $400 or so at the time. But Amazon allowed for a 30 day return. Wasn't necessary at all, as I adapted that night. I enjoy it. I guess I've had it for almost five years. Yeah, I'd like an iPad 2, but there's no justification for it for me. I mostly use my desktop and have a laptop on which I work from time to time.

Well, that's it for me at this point…Again, nothing of moment.