Sunday, November 13, 2011

My “Wife”

All I really wanted to do was watch some movies today that I recorded. However, even while working, my wife's intrusive. While I "complain" here, I do it in order not to be intrusive with my friends. The fact is, unless it's the ridiculousness of Congress or some foolish politician, or something along those lines, I rarely complain.

It's complicated that while I do so with regard to "public" issues, personal ones, no. If one can't do something about a problem or issue one's experiencing, then I believe you just let it go, put it aside…

My wife, absolutely not. Daily she complains about her job. Now, she wouldn't need that job if she hadn't hocked some jewelry to buy designer clothes, but even that doesn't matter.

She's been suspended at least twice and today she called. First, "Oh, I'm so tired, I didn't sleep well…" I don't care. Then, she forgot to put her car in "Park" and it started to roll while she was getting out of it. Last week, she scratched. She's a limo driver and I'm surprised they don't can her, which they'll probably do today – the last call I got was that they were taking her for a "drug test."

Okay, it may be okay to marry an alcoholic…however, here's my advice: Don't get old and lethargic with one. Get out of it while you're young enough to do so. I could do it, but, as I've written before, it's just too much hassle at this stage of my life.

But, who knows…

Aside from that, there was a bit of Paterno talk today on the weekly news shows. My view, once again, whatever he did that was "good" is now thoroughly eradicated. What's more, he should have an asterisk by his name in the record books, as should Penn State.

That's it for now…I recorded "Harry Crumb," perhaps it'll make me smile.