Friday, November 11, 2011

Paterno – The Newest of Scumbags

I find it extraordinary that there is any support at all for Joe Paterno. Well, maybe not considering the amount of dough football brings into colleges these day. But look at 'em all going down the drain: USC a few years back, Miami on the verge and Penn State being flushed now.

In "Personal Foul at Penn State," Maureen Dowd draws an analogy to the Catholic Church's cover up.

But my issue is more than that. I don't give a damn how much Paterno donated to the school, if his ballplayers were decent students.

I give damn about the fact that he let all of this go; that he covered it up. He should have resigned when the story broke and I hope the guy is implicated in court.

Hell, we should call college sports what they really are, "Pro," and just pay the players. I have no sympathy whatsoever for the players, the students and certainly not the school.

The NCAA should immediately cancel the seasons of any school that violates the rules like the three mentioned. "PaJo," they called Paterno – better "Pederast Support Pat."