Sunday, November 6, 2011


I travel through the "blogosphere" and other such venues a voyeur who finds a nugget here and there, yet so few I find interesting are maintained regularly and I miss the thoughts of the writers.

It seems my life should be more interesting than that these days, but perhaps not. There is so little right with the world, at least in my view and outside of my personal life, which is more than a little askew.

Daily I seek something positive, aside from "being above ground." It was heart rending to me this evening to see the video recap of Andy Rooney's life. A fairly disappointing end to the day for me; a day spent prone watching mindless movies on television and an evening doing the same with whatever was on the networks or that I recorded earlier.

That says so little that I cannot recall what I watched less than an hour ago.

The ennui of my life. This is not a call for pity, but rather I wonder of others. Perhaps those who are younger just beginning their real lives so to speak.

It seems such an awful world environment in which to begin one's adventures. With a bit luck, perhaps the world will catch on someday soon and provide us with some lightness.