Friday, November 4, 2011

Drunk Wife Update

Well, she was not at all humble or apologetic last night when she called. "You have to take responsibility for some of this, a lot of it. It's your fault [to a great extent] that I drink."

Really now. So typical of drunks – someone else "made" them pick up a drink.

As I've said before, I may not be the easiest person with whom to live, but I've bailed this woman out of trouble since 1998, whether it be issues with her job, money, car, friends (only one or two left); you name it, I've helped with it. And, of course, the consequences of her boozing which this time cost $120 for a couple of locks that had to be drilled and replaced, $100 for a screen that was torn in an attempt to get through a locked door, another $50 or so for a new wall lamp and $15 for a temporary reading lamp for myself. And that doesn't even count what has to be at least $5,000, if not close to $10,000 for the hospitals. No, her health insurance isn't covering any of it.

In short, I'll probably do what so many do in these situations: File personal bankruptcy. Doesn't matter much anyway, as she's screwed my credit (married you know) over the years and I don't plan to buy a house or a car.

What the hell, as usual, I'll put it aside, but she'll be home today sometime. "I'm going to sleep in the guest room," she said in what she thought was an "ultimatum." Perfect I thought, perfect. If it were warmer out, I'd try to insist she sleep in the hammock.