Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Drunk Wife, Yet Again…And A Different Side Of The Bed

Well, after a 72 hour hold at a hospital, they took my drunk wife, presumably sober at the time, which was at 2 AM, to a state mental facility for a psych evaluation, which I thought they were doing at the hospital. But who cares, another day two out of my hair.

As drunks are prone to be when the sober up (temporarily usually), when she called today she defined "humble" and "apologetic," again. But never trust a drunk. Never.

Aside from that, another viscissitude of life last night, albeit a simple one. My reading light went out. Now, that's not a big deal, one simply replaces the bulb. However, that didn't work and it's apparently a problem with the socket. Bought a new one, but while I could remove the old one, I can't get enough purchase on the new one to install it.

It's a matter of the cord going around a few right angles because the lamp swivels.

I know, way too much information. I bought a $15 lamp at Office Depot and it'll work just fine.

All of this to say, for years I've read and slept on one side of the bed. It was modestly disruptive at the outset to do so on the other side. To my surprise, this morning, I woke up on the side on which I had been reading…and an hour later than I normally do.