Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The “Adventures” Of My Drunk Wife

It all started after my wife was sent home from work and whether or not that was warranted, who knows, as all drunks are liars.
She appeared yesterday in the doorway of my home office and I knew immediately she'd been drinking. The rants and rages were not new. They were all directed at me and how her life was completely ruined because of me.
As the day progressed, so did she into one of those alcoholic spirals. The abuse continued for a couple of hours until she became threatening, at which point I called the police.
By this time, she had locked the house; every door and I had no house key with me, not even a key to the entry from the garage. The police were there, trying to talk her into opening the house, but she wouldn't.
They were going to break down a door, however, I've a handyman friend who came by and drilled the lock on the garage, then the bedroom door and finally the police were able to enter.
She tried to "escape" through the bedroom door that leads to the back yard, which is walled. Once outside, she fell into a cactus and fought off the police who finally got her back into the bedroom, at which the EMTs arrived with a gurney.
She, of course, tried to fight them off as well.
But off she went to some hospital here where she's being held for a psych evaluation, supposedly for 72 hours – I hope that long as I need the peace.
The physical damage is not good. I can't open the garage door as she somehow broke it; and I've got to have two locks and a screen replaced.
Drunks are just awful. And today I am remarkably stressed and tired. However, I am thankfully alone.

What It's Like To Have A Drunk Wife