Friday, October 28, 2011

Wife, Redux

How remarkably unpleasant to spend 40 minutes in a car twice a day with my wife. The first thing out her mouth is about cars, new cars, the one that needs repair; and that's on top of at least three texts on that subject…then there's money, the next subject and two texts. "I don't want to talk about either," I say and get the response, "But…."

Upon arrival home, I pointed out that I thoroughly cleaned the house, vacuum, mop, laundry, etc. Not a bloody word. I did have a quiet day, not much to do for clients. I thought it'd be a nice surprise.

I'm so tired of the banality of life with her…I think I've got nearly twenty years left (seems my blood relatives die in their mid-80s) and I'm learning to live with it.