Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Yes, I believe that's the proper word for how I feel about life these days, to say nothing of people in general, with the categorical exception of my sons.

Nothing changes: The deterioration of our society continues slowly spiraling downward evacuating the middle-class. It is "politics as usual" in Washington which means no politics. Ego-centricism seems to characterize people these days, as well as the separation of classes. The list could go on considerably, but it's tiresome just to think of it.

What have we come to? What has my life come to? I would have hoped to become obscenely wealthy, marry Katherine Hepburn and live happily ever after. But what the hell, cave canum.

There's another Republican debate tonight. I wonder who'll watch, other than the so-called pundits who will disect and parse every word. Fortunately, "You normally scheduled programs will not be interrrupted."