Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Technology, My Wife, Stuff In General

I bought a new printer recently, a rather large one; an inkjet. Well it as less than a month ago. Well, it continually jammed (it's a duplex, multifunction). After spending probably ten hours on the phone at various times with the manufacturer, I finally reached someone who said, "Oh, that's under warranty, we'll send you a new one," which came the other day. This is not to say that support wasn't good; it was. And, my waits were always less than five minutes. But, please, after the first or second time, why didn't someone point that out to me? Okay, perhaps I should have raised it, but frankly, I didn't think of it. In any even it's a great printer and working fine.

Then, there was my iPhone OS upgrade today. It got not so "user-friendly" for some reason. This iCloud business…well, who knows, I probably just didn't take enough time to think about something that I just plug in and it does it's thing.

And, finally, my wife is being a pain in the neck again. Well that happens, as readers know, quite a bit.

But that's not really correct. As I'm fairly well inured to her complaining, while it bothers me because I have to either listen to it while I'm transporting her to and from work, or sense it while we're watching television – I suppose it has some impact on my psyche, but it's so repetitive, I just don't care.

I've never felt especially entitled and it's really beyond me me why people can't just take it as it comes and move on.