Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Notes From This Morning

The first words out of my wife's mouth at 5:45 this morning, "I'm going to feel miserable today." She wasn't talking about physical illness, but rather her psychological state. Another "Oh, poor me" day.

I like the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. That they're protesting what seems to be everything, as its critics and some so-called pundits put it is just fine with me. Everyone is p******* off at something, more on some issues than others, but angry and frustrated nonetheless, so why not demonstrate. The "Right" talks about it as fomenting, if not actual "Class Warfare." Hell, with one percent of the nation controlling nearly 95+ percent of the the wealth, it is pretty damned close to that. Warranted in my mind as well.

In Politico this morning, I read, "Democrats may not vote on President Barack Obama's jobs bill just once. They could hold several votes on it, even though they know it's going nowhere…But that's just the public theater. Behind the scenes, Senate Democrats are trying to develop a Plan B: a series of smaller bills that actually have a chance of passing a badly divided Congress." Jeez, not only does my party, from the leadership on down, back off on everything, but it does it before it even begins.

Facebook: According to the Electronic Freedom Foundation in its story, "Facebook's Hotel California: Cross-Site Tracking and the Potential Impact on Digital Privacy Legislation," "For its 800 millions users, logging out of Facebook is not something done idly. Closing the Facebook tab won't do it. Closing your browser won't do it unless you've adjusted the settings in your browser to clear cookies upon closing. And Facebook has buried the log-out button so that it isn't apparent from your Facebook main page or profile page."

What a way to wake up.