Thursday, September 29, 2011

Greed, Betrayal and The House Guest Who Almost Stayed Forever

Okay, this is about my wife's business, a personal concierge enterprise, with a touch of "limo" work. She works full time and runs it. Frankly, she's "break even" at this point after only three or four months of the business. Now, we're sort of on to "The House Guest Who Almost Stayed Forever."

This woman, a desparate almost 70 got married last year, or maybe a few months ago. She was, indeed, desparate, marrying a fellow a couple of years younger, apparently desparate also.

The woman has a job, makes a decent living. They just bought a condo and, of all things, a Cadillac (an earlier post).

Now, this guy does nothing for a living. Literally, he sits at home and watches TV all day while she works.

My wife provided him with work. I'm not going to tell you what it is, as it might reveal who I am or who she is. He picks up just under $14 an hour for really easy work.

This sniveling SOB called me today and said, "I have to have $5 more an hour." I'm thinking that such an increase cuts her margins and this fellow does nothing all day.

And, why the hell is he calling me? I'm not his boss. I don't own the business. Sure, I help her with marketing, but it's not mine.

What kind of sniveling creep does that. More so, he wants to cut her margins to a point where there's no way to make a profit.

The problem is that right now she has no one else and she is beside herself. However, I told her we'd have it worked within 30 days. I've got a network and there are enough folks out there looking for work, responsible and loyal.

I did tell my wife, though, that I didn't want this guy or his wife anywhere near me ever again – Oh, she considers the woman her "best friend." I never thought so, but she knows better now – she told me the woman was sitting right next to her husband when he called.

He will soon find himself back on the couch watching TV all day; and his wife will go on thinking he's right. Two desparate people living dishonest lives.

Pain in the ass that my wife frequently is, she's worked very hard on this and I am going to ensure that she makes it with this business…and she will.