Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The GOP Wants To Cut The FDA Budget?


The Nation’s Most Shameful Former Publisher

For nearly two years now, a Las Vegas, Nevada newspaper, The Las Vegas Review-Journal has been teamed up with a bunch of second, probably third tier (unless there's something lower) lawyers to launch "no warning" lawsuits over copyright violation. The now "retired" (read "fired" and disgraced, though he's not smart enough to recognize that, publisher, Sherman Frederick got together with a group known as "Righthaven."

They launched nearly 300 suits, for the most part against bloggers, almost all of whom were small potatoes, really small.

It scared the hell out of many on the Internet, as most, if not all, were not aware they were violating copyright law – after all, for at least a decade folks had been posting complete articles from newspapers, generally with appropriate links.

A few of the bloggers settled, but most didn't – and, as it turns out well they shouldn't have.

Righthaven, as it turns out, probably doesn't have standing in these cases, according to The Las Vegas Sun, which, aside from a couple of stories in The New York Times a while back, is the only newspaper covering this matter – Right, it constantly scoops its competitor: The Las Vegas Review-Journal, which is, in fact, bringing the suits.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal originally "invested" $300,000 in Righthaven and has probably piled in more. As a result, it's clearly lost that investment, plus it's facing huge legal fees in counter lawsuits.

This former publisher, Frederick, in my opinion, couldn't find creative, newspaper oriented revenue sources in these difficult times so he came up with litigation and single handedly destroyed a newspaper, already known for his embarrassing antics and editorials regarding Senator Harry Reid. It's okay, by the way, to knock other party, but do it intellectually – something this fool couldn't do, so he relied on base canards and outright fabrication.

My understanding is that he's a member of the Nevada Newspaper Hall of Fame – I don't know what the hell that is, but he sure doesn't belong there.