Monday, September 26, 2011

I Was Wrong

…but not entirely. This morning was just a pain. I took my wife to work, which was uncharacteristically not unpleasant. Upon returning to my office, I did a bit of work, then decided to take my car in for registration, it expires on September 30. I take it to a service station that smogs it for $25 and for an extra sawbuck, will register it. So, it was about $150 for the entire process, well worth it not to have to go through the DMV online, or worse, in person; and they toss in a carwash.

Well, I arrived there at about 8 and saw one car in the bay. I pulled in behind it and a few seconds later an older woman, probably a bit older than I, is banging on my window, yelling. With a British accent, she curses me for "charging in line." I explained that I didn't see the sign behind one must line up – it hasn't been there before – and, of course, realizing my error (and considering that this woman was possibly batty because of her reaction), moved in behind her.

She pulls up to have her car inspected, which normally takes no more than ten minutes or so. Well, 20 minutes later, I'm still waiting; then 30 minutes until and attendant arrives at my car and said she had a dead battery. They had to push the damned out of the way; a large SUV and an hour later I was done.

I think I showed remarkable restraint, as I was tempted to walk up and tell the woman that she ought to maintain her car, but I didn't.

Then my wife calls: "I brought the wrong jacket to work. Can you drop the right off?" I said, "Sure." Then she proceeds to call me four times on my cell asking me where I am. I abhor those things and I just said, "en route."

Then, there was the market for a few things, then back to work finally…until that idiot, drunk attorney from California called to talk politics. "I don't talk about politics anymore," I told him. "Then what am I going to talk to you about?" he asked.

"17th Century Literature," I responded. "I don't know anything about that," he said. "Read," was my response as I hung up.

I hope the week goes better.