Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Unparallel Universe

Rarely to I jump to a contemporaneous post, however, equally rarely to I recall specifics when I post.

That said, I just past my wife who was on the family room couch with her computer: "They have Town Cars on here for $14,000," she said. She lives in some sort of parallel universe where she's incredibly wealthy – and she expects me to go in debt for a new car in this economy?

Who lives in that kind of world?

The First Day Back

Well, my wife returned yesterday and there was a brief time of "peace," when she didn't complain, grouse or define "annoying," but it was just the ride from the airport to the house.

She almost made it without a complaint, but why should I expect it. I've not had the fortitude to ask her how much she spent on her trip – she stayed with her "aunt" and anyone's expenses when staying with someone are usually low. Who knows?

And, of course, she came home "ill," with laryngitis and something "wrong" with her ear. She's turning into my second ex-wife, who was almost a definition of hypochondria – whatever ailment was in vogue she had it.

Me, I woke up a bit tired this morning, but I've got work to do and can't be bothered with her inanity, no or ever, really.

That's it for now.