Sunday, September 11, 2011


My wife's leaving town tomorrow for a week to visit her aunt. It'll be like a vacation…and as I've grown older, I've felt literally no need for a wife or companion – I love being alone with my dog.

This has nothing to do with sex or conversation – I just have a preference for being by myself.

Do I enjoy people? Well, very few. Conversation? Sure, by not if it's drawn out and rarely does anyone have real conversations. Think about it? Well, maybe you might look up the definition of "conversation."

In any event, I have a week!

There’s No Bloody Privacy Anymore

My sister has become a damned pain in the ass. Text messages. Emails. Phone calls. Every damned day she does it to tell me she went to the gym, she did this, she did that and I really don't care. Now it's not that I don't love her; it's that she's a pain in the butt.

Think about it. Here's a series of text messages today:

"You up and have time to chat?"


"R u ok?"

"Yes, going out." (It should have ended there, though I might have been more explicit: "F*** Off! I want downtime on the weekend…But no, it didn't" But I thought "…Going out" was explicit enough.)

However, then I get "Ok, have fun." I need her approval?

Two hours later: "Are you still busy."

"I'll call you tomorrow," respond.

But the woman doesn't let up: "I won't be available until after noon [I care?] Sounds like fun.[I need the judgement?] etc…

I have been a fan of technology for years, since the PC1 in fact. However, it's now gotten out of hand.

Everyone needs constant communication.

When the hell do we get some quiet time? It used to be that one could just take the phone off the hook. But when that happens, someone who's trying to get you is likely to send the police over to your house to make sure you're alive.

Now, we've got cell phones. I turn the damned think off when I'm driving and rarely answer it anyway.

But that's not enough…people text; they email.

Does not anyone any longer understand that perhaps CONSTANT communication that is not urgent is NOT necessary?