Thursday, September 8, 2011

Commenting on News Stories

It never ceases to amaze me and to some extent, concern, if not frighten me, the number of commenters on news stories who have absolutely no basis in fact for there assumptions and so frequently post what they believe to be "facts" because they read them somewhere on the Internet.

And don't give me any First Amendment feedback garbage. It doesn't apply.

One of the problems with the media is that there are too many self-proclaimed experts (just look at Fox and MSNBC) and the Internet is exactly the same – Leave reporting to serious, diligent, intelligent reporters.

The Debate

With the exception of Jon Huntsman and Mitt Romney, neither of whom would I support, the Republican field proved categorically last night (at the "Debate") that its candidates are, in the vernacular, wingnuts.

Perry compared himself to a piƱata, which is true on virtually all levels, as he's not nearly as smart as one. Bachmann's gone, thank goodness, Huntsman stands no chance and what the hell is Cain doing in there with his "9-9-9" plan, whatever the hell that is.

I was ashamed to see the audience applauding at the executions of 230+ felons in Texas. Whether or not one believes in capital punishment is one thing (I have remarkably mixed feelings about it), but applause?

The constant references to Reagan, who raised taxes three times (?), were patently absurd: Homelessness rose to historic levels under his administration. Sure, he did some positive things…oddly missing were references to Cowboy Bush, except for the GOP saw about tax cuts.

What's frightening to me is that, given the collective intelligence of this nation; the apparent racism; the hatred for President Obama, one of these guys might actually get elected.

As they say folks, "You gets what you pay for." And if you vote for one of these guys, you're going to be paying way up and extend this recession; and you may well be unemployed in short order…Unless, of course, you or your folks are extraordinarily affluent.